Rug Repair & Restoration

Careful Attention, High Quality Repairs

The experts at Queens Rug Cleaner provide you with the best available rug repair and restoration service. Like all fine items in your home, your area rug starts to loose some its natural, original beauty due to fading, discoloration, tears and holes, and environmental damages. When the time comes for a repair and restoration service, you need a knowledgeable and experienced expert like Queens Rug Cleaner. We provide you with the quality rug repair and restoration service you need.

Trusted, Expert Rug Repair Process

Trust our skilled experts to repair and restore even the most damaged and faded area rugs. They follow a strict set of procedures to guarantee the best rug repair and restoration possible. We start the repair process by cleaning your area rug in a gentle, conditioning bath of all-natural products. This allows us to locate and discern all problems and damages during the inspection process. After we diagnose the problems, we perform the appropriate repair or restoration method for your area rug.

Our experts use modern technologies, green products, traditional craftsmanship, and artistry to mend your rug completely. We finish the process by drying, grooming and re-inspecting the entire rug before returning it to you. When you receive your mended rug, you will love the quality repair and restoration from Queens Rug Cleaner.

Call us now to book a no-obligation, free rug repair and restoration assessment. Let us revive and rejuvenate your damaged area rug.

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